verifiable randomness

zkVRF: Zero Knowledge Verifiable Randomness

ORAO zkVRF, powered by Zokrates' zk-SNARKs, offers verifiable, secure randomness on compatible EVM blockchains, enhancing the privacy and reliability of decentralized applications.

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ORAO zkVRF vs Chainlink VRF comparison

Feature ORAO Network Chainlink
Blockchain integration Polygon, other EVM chains Multi-Chain (Ethereum, BSC...)
zk type zk-SNARKs based VRF NONE
Security Advanced security with zk-SNARKs Established
Speed 30s 3min+

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Solidity example
The full SDK is available on the github repo alongside an example Solidity contract which mints an NFT with random features.
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contract OraoVRFConsumer is OraoVRFConsumerBase {
  bytes32 public seed;
  bytes32 public part1;
  bytes32 public part2;
  IOraoVRF internal _vrfCoordinator;

  constructor(address vrfCoordinator) OraoVRFConsumerBase(vrfCoordinator) {
    _vrfCoordinator = IOraoVRF(vrfCoordinator);

  function fulfillRandomness(bytes32 _seed, bytes32 _part1, bytes32 _part2) internal override {
    seed = _seed;
    part1 = _part1;
    part2 = _part2;

  function request(bytes32 _seed) public payable override {
    seed = _seed;
Solidity SDK
zkVRF on Github